Simba Speaks: Birthday Pawty Animal!

Come Wag Along - Simba - Focused On Memories Photobooth ft
simba speaks

Whenever you see this image, it’s my paws on the keyboard doing all the blogging!


Hiya guys!  Last week was my Auntie’s birthday so the fam and I made a trip back to my mom’s hometown to celebrate!  I always enjoy going to my Auntie’s house because I receive extra special treatment while I”m theres!  You might call it spoiled, but I think they just love me to pieces!  Anyways, my pawrents setup a photo booth for my Auntie’s birthday bash and boy was that fun!  I’ve never been in a photo booth before so this was something new to me.  Everyone wanted to take pictures with me in the photo booth.  It was pawsome!  I wonders if my pawrents will let me have a photo booth at my next birthday pawty?  Maybe my auntie can talk them into it hehe.  I think the pictures turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself.  Check ’em out below and lemme know what ya thinks in the comments below!

Come Wag Along - Simba - Focused On Memories Photobooth 1

Come Wag Along - Simba - Focused On Memories Photobooth 2

Come Wag Along - Simba - Focused On Memories Photobooth 3

Come Wag Along - Simba - Focused On Memories Photobooth 5

Come Wag Along - Simba - Focused On Memories Photobooth 6

So what do ya think?  Fun and cute right?  My pawrents got a lot of great feedback on their DIY photo booth at their wedding and lots of people said they should think about starting a small business and providing it to people for their events!  Well what do ya know my pawrents took their advice and started a Facebook page for their photo booth and their website is coming soon.  I hope they get some business because they really have fun doing it and they are sure others will enjoy it too at a prices that will be hard to beat!  Other photo booths are quite expensive!  If you’d like to support my pawrents feel free to like their photo booth Facebook page by clicking the link –> Focused on Memories Photo Booth

As always, you can support me by liking my Facebook page here and following me on Instagram @RawrSimba!  Thanks for the love and support 😉


Have you ever been in a photo booth?  How was your experience?  Would you include a photo booth at one of your events?

4 Responses to Simba Speaks: Birthday Pawty Animal!

  1. Misaki says:

    What a great idea!

  2. Kelsie says:

    What pawsome photos! Now I want a photo booth 😉

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