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PawPack - Pet Subscription Box ft

Simba finally got his paws on the PawPack pet subscription box. When I brought the PawPack box in the house, it’s like he immediately knew it was for him.  He kept sniffing it and walking around it.  He also kept his eye on it to make sure I didn’t open it without him being there! I finally opened it up this month for him to see all of the wonderful goodies inside.  The PawPack box we opened is a July PawPack subscription box.  Before we dive into the box, let me explain what PawPack is!

PawPack - Dog Subscription Box

What is PawPack?

PawPack is a monthly box delivered to your door filled with the very best products for your cat or dog.  The products will always be either Organic, All-Natural, or Eco-Friendly. PawPack tests thousands of products to bring you and your family the best around.  Your box could include picks from treats/goodies, toys/chews, grooming products, and stylish accessories.  When you signup for a PawPack you will also be supporting animals.  PawPack’s goal is to work with no-kill animal rescues across the country to help place cats and dogs into their forever homes.  PawPack is currently working with Barks of Love based in Southern California. 10% of PawPack proceeds will go directly to the care of rescue animals. PawPack  also will be donating PawPacks directly to rescues for new adoptions to have as a welcome home gift.  How awesome is that!?

PawPack - Pet Subscription Box


 How Does PawPack Work?

You will signup for PawPack and use their box builder to create a customized pack specifically for your family.  Every month you will receive a pet subscription box in the mail with 5 or more carefully selected goodies for your dog or cat.  That’s right this subscription box isn’t just for dogs…your cat can get in on the PawPack surprises as well!  You and your furkid will have so much fun opening your surprise Pack each month and discovering great new toys, treats and products to make you smile from ear to ear.  PawPack ships out on the 15th of the month, every month.  Shipping is FREE for those in the US and $10 for those in Canada.  Have more questions?  Check out their FAQ’s here.

PawPack - Pet Subscription Box

Moooooom! Can we just open the box already?



What’s Inside PawPack?

The July box of PawPack was filled with some awesome goodies!  I liked everything that was in the box and couldn’t wait for Simba to test some of the products out.  This box was filled with over 5 goodies which was nice!

PawPack - Dog Subscription Box - Goodies Inside
PawPack - Dog Subscription Box -

Sorry guys! Simba is NOT included! Hehe

The items inside the PawPack are as follows:

Created by Steph’s Mom – Green Puppy Collection Dog Toys
This dog toy is a neat little dog bone that is eco-friendly and  a non-plush squeak toy.  It has a cute design and it’s totally safe for your dog to play with as far as being made from no  toxic chemicals.  The toy is light weight and pretty durable.  Although durable, the dog toy is not for aggressive chewers.  Simba enjoyed playing with this toy!  I think he enjoyed how light it was because he kept wiggling it all around  with ease.  As always supervise your dog or cat when playing with toys!

PawPack - Dog Toy


Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Diamond Plate Double Tuff Toys
This is a dog toy that I’m sure any dog would love to play with.  You  can stuff this toy with peanut butter or some other goodie that your dog likes.  As always supervise your dog or cat when playing with toys!

PawPack - planet dog orbee-tuff diamond plate double tuff


Ore Pet Fetch Dog Toys
This is a unique dog toy that is filled with 100% recycled cotton.  It also squeaks and really  looks like a burger!  I think Simba thought he really got a burger until he bit down and it squeaked.  Bummer!  As always supervise your dog or cat when playing with toys!

PawPack - Ore Pet Fetch Dog Toy



Jax and Bones Good Karma Kangaroo
 This Jax and Bones dog rope toy is pretty awesome!  Simba seemed to like  this toy the most.  It is the most durable out of all of the toys and Simba enjoyed chewing and swinging it around  everywhere.  It is 100% eco-friendly and made from chemical-free natural dyed cotton thread.  This rope dog toy also  acts as doggie dental floss!  As always supervise your dog or cat when playing with toys!

PawPack - good karma rope toys


Harry Barker Natural Refreshing Floral Spray
 This has got to be one of the best dog sprays I have ever  smelled!  It smells REALLY good and lasts for a good amount of time.  I would definitely purchase this again because I  just love how it smells and I love to keep Simba smelling fresh at all times.  It is made with vitamin E and plant proteins  to refresh and revitalize coats.

PawPack - Harry Barker Natural Refreshing Spray


It looks like chapstick, but it’s a nose balm for dogs.  This nose balm hydrates and heals a dog’s dry nose  naturally.  Snoutstik is 100% NATURAL,100% VEGAN, and contains no harmful ingredients.  It smells good and it’s  easy to use.  I’m sure this will come in handy.

PawPack - Snoutstik nose balm for dogs


Happy Tails Ear Wipes
These dog ear wipes is a gentle and all natural way to keep your dog’s outer ears clean and  deodorized.  I already use dog wipes to clean Simba’s face so I will be using these wipes to keep those ears clean!

PawPack - Happy Tails Ear Wipes


Round Tree Organics Doggie Bar
This dog soap bar smells good!  The doggie bars don’t have any synthetic  fragrances, harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy, or synthetic dyes. This dog bar is a natural  soothing flea and tick repellent.  We will be trying this out when Simba has his next bath!  It is NOT for use on Cats or  dogs under 10Lbs.

PawPack - Doggie Bar Round Tree Organics


Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser
I love this!  This will definitely come in handy on walks or playing outside or even in a  long car ride.  You can clip it to something for hands free carrying.  It’s very easy to use.  All you do is fill it with water  and when your dog gets thirsty you simply flip it up and squeeze and your dog will gulp the water away.  Cool right!?  Simba enjoyed drinking water from gulpy.

PawPack - Gulpy pet water dispenser


Cloud Star Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits
These yummy dog treats are made with peanut butter.  It’s made with  all natural ingredients which makes it a good dog treat for dogs with allergies or sensitives. As always, if you’re not sure  about your dog eating certain things, check with your vet first.

PawPack - Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats


True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Tenders
This chicken jerky dog treat is made in the USA!  They are 100%  natural.  They contain no rawhide or artificial flavors or fillers.  I don’t really like the smell, but Simba does!  He loved  these dog chicken jerky treats so I’m guessing the taste is great!  I didn’t give him an entire tender to eat, I broke a  piece off and will continue to do so.  He gave me the eye as to why I didn’t give him the entire treat, but he will be okay :)

PawPack - True Chews Natural Dog Treats Premium Jerky Made in USA



Does My Dog Like PawPack?

Simba enjoyed his PawPack.  He jumps for joy and gives PawPack four paws up!  His favorites were the toys and treats in the box of course.  My favorites are all the things that will really come in handy which are the portable dog water bottle, the dog food clip, the ear wipes, and the dog fragrance spray.  I was very pleased with the selection of dog items in PawPack.  I had never bought any of them before so they were all new to us.  We were very surprised and enjoyed trying new dog items.  I think PawPack is a great surprise for any dog or cat every month.  It is definitely a great gift to give!

Click photos to enlarge.


How Can I Get a PawPack?



You can visit PawPack to sign up.  Use the code ComeWagAlong for 10% OFF your first PawPack pet subscription box purchase!  Let us know in the comments below if you’re gonna order a PawPack!  Also use the tag #PawPack when posting on Instagram for a chance to win a free month.  PawPack will also select PawPackers randomly to be featured on their social media pages as well.  Like PawPack on Facebook here and follow PawPack on Instagram here.  We hope you enjoy your PawPack as much as we did!



What do you think of PawPack?  Have you ever got a PawPack? If yes, did you like it?  If no, Would you purchase a PawPack?  Share!  Comment below.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary PawPack in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I will receive some compensation if you use our coupon code to sign up for your first PawPack purchase. Although I will receive some compensation, all thoughts and opinions are my own. We always share things that we find beneficial to our readers and things that Simba and I love.

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  1. Miley says:

    Wow! That box was packed with some serious loot! We are telling mom to hurry up and check it out! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your new goodies!

  2. That box looks pawsome! We might just have to give it a try :)

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  4. Dog Vitamins says:

    It is a fully loaded bag with all one month supply, simply wow . Your dog seems to enjoy everything in it. It is a must pack for every dog lover.

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