Happy Two Year Blogiversary!


Wow, that was fast!  It’s our two year blogiversary! Can you believe it?  I’ve been blogging about Simba, our life together, and dogs for two whole years now.  In 2 years, I’ve published 357 posts.  Woop woop! Thanks for wagging along and reading all of my posts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them and will continue to do so.  We have definitely grown and have even been given several opportunities in the process thanks to all of you!

2 year blogiversary - Come Wag Along

I still enjoy sharing stories of Simba and the things I’m learning on the way.  I hope to continue to do so for as long as I can.  Sometimes I do get a tad bit overwhelmed with everything else going on in my life, but for the most part I love blogging and sharing a piece of my life with Simba with all of you.  I definitely will try to share a lot more “Simba Moments” with you no matter how big or small!  I also would like to do a makeover on my blog…I’m trying to find a WordPress Theme that I REALLY like.  Any suggestions? Leave a comment!

The reason for ComeWagAlong.com…look at that puppy face! Wouldn’t he make you wanna talk about him all the time too?

I still haven’t had a chance to go to a blogging conference like BlogPaws or Barkworld yet, but maybe one day.  This year BlogPaws was around the same time as my honeymoon.  Womp womp.  Even though I haven’t been to conference, I have learned a lot from the BlogPaws community and plan on learning and sharing more!

The past year has been pretty crazy for me because I got engaged and was busy wedding planning.  I didn’t have much time for the blog and thought it would be a great time to try the “Project 365” since it was just simply posting a photo a day of Simba.  Fail!  I suddenly became to busy for that too!  Planning a wedding is a big deal and very exhausting.  The wedding is over now so hopefully things will be back to normal with the blog soon…but I’m sure it will get crazy again once I become pregnant huh? Haha.
Loving my Mrs. shirt!

Day after the wedding, Mr. & Mrs. <3

I’m a Mrs. now, yay! So if you didn’t know…now you see why I might have been missing for weeks at a time. Stay tuned for a post about how the wedding was and some photos as well.  I think you will enjoy them.  Maybe I’ll even have a video clip in the future of Simba walking down the aisle.  I haven’t saw the video yet, but heard he did an awesome job.

I appreciate all of your comments, follows, likes, and love to the fullest! THANK YOUTHANK YOUTHANK YOU!  Our survey is still available to give us your feedback if you haven’t already so take our survey by clicking here.

One year blogiversary - Come Wag Along

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Leave feedback in the comments below…like what would you like to see more of?  Any topics you’d like me to blog about?  What’s your favorite blog post?  Anything?  Share!  We love hearing from you guys.

8 Responses to Happy Two Year Blogiversary!

  1. Emma says:

    Congratulations on the 2 year blogiversary and on the wedding. Last year there was actually a couple on their honeymoon at BlogPaws!

  2. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY but MORE IMPORTANTLY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WEDDING!! You looked BEAUTIFUL and hubby is quite handsome!!! Soooooooooo super super happy for you! Hoping you have many, many happy years together!

  3. Kelsie says:

    Congrats on two years! And double congrats on your wedding!

  4. WOW! Congratulations on everything!

  5. Misaki says:

    Happy bloggyversary!

  6. Mag's Corner says:

    Sorry to be late. Happy Blogaversary! Hugs and nose kisses

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