Fashion Friday: Talented Tilly Schnauzer

Tilly Schnauzer - Dog Agility ft

Happy Fashion Friday! We’ve been kind of slacking on our Fashion Friday and Featured Furiends posts, but we’re baaaa-aaaack!


Today we are featuring our furiend Tilly Schnauzer!

mini schnauzer

Loving that collar Tilly! Pretty in pink =)

Tilly is a female chocolate Mini Schnauzer.  She was born on March 17th and she is two years old.  Her human says she is crazy, playful, and loves to talk!  Tilly also loves to wear her fashionable collars and bandanas.  She’s also a pretty cool lady as she rocks her shades from time to time for pictures.  Isn’t she the cutest?

cool dog

One of the coolest Mini Schnauzers I ever did see!

Mini Schnauzer Instagram

Nice dog bandanas! Pink and red looks pawsome on you.


dog model

Are you sure you’re not a dog model Tilly? Gorgeous!

Not only does Tilly have a sense of fashion, but she’s also very talented.  Tilly is great at agility and she knows tons of tricks.  Agility is her absolute favorite thing to do besides playing with her friend Shea the horse.  Her favorite toy is snugga and her favorite food is popcorn.  Tilly is pretty popular too!  She is known by a lot of people in her hometown.

dog agility

Wow, you got ups! Super talented you are.

dog stuffed animals

Aw how sweet!

Isn’t Tilly pawsome!?
Make sure you visit her on Instagram @TillySchnauzer to get a daily dose of cute photos!



What’s your dog’s style? T-shirts or sweaters? Maybe she likes wearing bandanas or bows?  Maybe he likes to look dapper in a tie or cute collar? Do you want your dog to be featured? Submit your cute dog pictures here and you’ll be featured in a Fashion Friday post!  You can also tag your Instagram photos with #SimbaFashionFriday to be featured on Simba’s Instagram: @RawrSimba!

2 Responses to Fashion Friday: Talented Tilly Schnauzer

  1. Well darn – that Tilly is not only smart and stylish but she is awfully darn cute too !

  2. Ann Paws says:

    Tilly is adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chocolate Schnauzer before. She looks pretty talented too jumping that high hurdle.

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