Fashion Friday: Doodle and Duncan

Fashion Friday - Doodle and Duncan ft

Happy Fashion Friday!

Today we are featuring our furiends Doodle and Duncan!

schoondle dog

Doodle and Duncan wanted to introduce themselves to the world.

Hi we are Doodle, stand up bat ears, and Duncan, floppy ears. We are 8 & 7  yrs old, respectively. We are Schnoodles (part Schnauzer and part Poodle). Our mommy got us these awesome shirts when she was in San Francisco. She thought they would help us sneak out of puppy prison (a.k.a. the kennel).

We think you guys are so cute Doodle and Duncan!  We are glad you escaped!  Show Doodle and Duncan some love on Pack!


What’s your dog’s style? T-shirts or sweaters? Maybe she likes wearing bandanas or bows?  Maybe he likes to look dapper in a tie or cute collar? Do you want your dog to be featured? Submit your cute dog pictures here and you’ll be featured in a Fashion Friday post!  You can also tag your Instagram photos with #SimbaFashionFriday to be featured on Simba’s Instagram: @RawrSimba!


3 Responses to Fashion Friday: Doodle and Duncan

  1. Looking super cute! Jail bait! Hehehe

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  2. emma says:

    Nice looking prisoners!

  3. You pups rocked that outfit. Too bad it’s not convincing since you are too adorable to be prisoners!

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