Fashion Friday: Become Buyagift’s Next Pet model

Buyagift Next Pet Model ft

Do you think you your pet has what it takes to be a pet model?  Are you always able to get fantastic shots of your pet and get tons of compliments on how your pet should be the next pet model?  Well, here’s your chance!  Today – August 30th will be looking for furry fashionistas or fashinistos!  To see if your pet can become the next pet model all you have to do is send in your picture and get your family and friends to vote!  The competition is open to ALL pets!  What’s special about this competition is that it is all for a pet charity, and it’s a unique opportunity for pet owners.

Buyagift’s Next Pet model

It’s all designed to raise money for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home! Buyagift is asking pet owners to either email or upload a picture of their pet to the Buyagift Facebook page through their app. The most photogenic pet (as judged by the guys at Battersea) will be treated like the ultimate pet star, and receive the following:

1.       A pet spa day at a top London spa

2.       A selection of pet accessories

3.       A professional pet photo shoot

4.       A selection of photos to take away

5.       Buyagift will donate £1,500 to Battersea on behalf of the winner

6.       Winner will present the check to Battersea in person and also receive a full tour of the shelter

The runner up will also receive a bag full of pet goodies!  The winner will be announced in mid September.  The reason the competition is called Buyagift’s Next Pet Model is because they will be sending the winner on a photo shoot (along with other things which are listed above) and all photos from the shoot will be used on Buyagift’s brand new pet accessories product pages – literally making them: Buyagift’s Next Pet Model!

This is a UK focused competition, but it is open for anyone to enter.  However,  Buyagift will not be paying travel for those in the US.  It would be nice to know that you won some money for an animal charity though!  Please contact Buyagift with any questions you may have about the Next Pet Model contest.  Go here for more information.


Do you consider your pet a model at times?  Will you be entering the competition?

3 Responses to Fashion Friday: Become Buyagift’s Next Pet model

  1. emma says:

    I love to model and I still have my British Pet Passport but I would want to visit my dog parents if I got back to the UK. Unfortunately, Mom won’t have me in cargo unless it is an emergency, so I won’t be going :(

  2. Sadly very few dogs with black faces ever make it into modeling – they just don’t show up well in photographs

  3. Sounds like fun! Good luck to whoever the lucky winner will be! I’m sure all entries will be model material. :)

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