Fashion Friday: Beautiful Botoneta

Botoneta the Schnauzer - ft

Happy Fashion Friday!  Today we are featuring our furiend Botoneta!

Botoneta - Smile

Botoneta is a Schnauzer from Guatemala and she’s 2 years old.  Woop! Schnauzers are taking over Fashion Fridays huh? Heh.  Ok, back to the beautiful Botoneta…she loves to ride in the car with her mommy (Marcela) and enjoys running on the grass. Her best buddy is Chepito, a Lhasa Apso, and they are like the best of friends every time they are together.

Such a beautiful smile!

Such a beautiful smile!

Friends for life!

Friends for life!

Her favorite accessory is her hair bow. She has lots of them in every color and pattern. She also loves dresses and cute necklaces.

Botoneta the Schnauzer - Dog Bows

Botoneta the Schnauzer - Dog Bandana

Her mom buys her lots of things online, from stores, or anywhere she sees something cute for her. In Guatemala, they have a local store that they both love called Nicolette Pet Fashion.  The pink collar she has on below with sparkly letters is from there and also her Mrs. Claus suit.

Botoneta the Schnauzer - Dog Collar

Botoneta the Schnauzer - Mrs Claus

Last year she won 2nd place in her first beauty contest… she seems to be a natural model! Botoneta also became the 4th bridesmaid in her mom’s best friend’s wedding…she almost got more attention than the bride…Oops!  She is the baby of the house and is pretty much spoiled and very loved as you can see 😉


Work it girl!

You make an awesome bridesmaid!

You make an awesome bridesmaid!

You can see pictures almost daily of Botoneta on her mom’s Instagram account: @marsgaravito!  So make sure you follow her to see more pictures of the beautiful Botoneta.


 What’s your dog’s style? T-shirts or sweaters? Maybe she likes wearing bandanas or bows?  Maybe he likes to look dapper in a tie or cute collar? Do you want your dog to be featured? Submit your cute dog pictures here and you’ll be featured in a Fashion Friday post!  You can also tag your Instagram photos with #SimbaFashionFriday to be featured on Simba’s Instagram: @RawrSimba!

2 Responses to Fashion Friday: Beautiful Botoneta

  1. emma says:

    I just wear a hat or apron for photos, PAWZ boots when it is below zero, otherwise we are naked at my house 😉

  2. Sophie is a free spirit and likes to lounge in the buff at home. Except when it’s super cold. Then she’ll start shivering and I’ll put on her orchid fleece (orchid is the color of 2014!). See? She’s very fashion conscious when she does don the clothes, but she makes you work for it! :-) Boto is simply adorable. You don’t usually see Schnauzers in hair bows and this suits her. Bravo, Boto! Pretty girl!

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