Fashion Friday: Apollo the Handsome Schnauzer

Apollo Chambers - Black Mini Schnauzer ft

Happy Fashion Friday!  Today we are featuring our furiend Apollo Chambers!

black mini schnauzer

Apollos is a 3 year old black Miniature Schnauzer.  Apollo is picky about what he wears, but he wears the sweater his mom knitted, his days shirts, and scarves from time to time.  His mom made a dog sweater from a free pattern on but they have not gone shopping for accessories.  Apollos is no fashinisto!  He usually gets grumpy if  he gets dressed in something other than his sweater when it’s cold. When he does get dressed up, he always looks handsome.  Apollo is a big brother to a 1 year old White Mini Schnauzer, Rocky Jr. They love to wrestle! Rocky Jr. always tries to pull off whatever Apollo wears.  We think Apollo looks absolutely handsome in his dog clothes!  His brother is a cutie too!  Want to see more of Apollo?  Follow his mom on Instagram @TraceyChambers for more handsomeness.



What’s your dog’s style? T-shirts or sweaters? Maybe she likes wearing bandanas or bows?  Maybe he likes to look dapper in a tie or cute collar? Do you want your dog to be featured? Submit your cute dog pictures here and you may be featured in a Fashion Friday post!  You can also tag your Instagram photos with #SimbaFashionFriday to be featured on Simba’s Instagram: @RawrSimba!

3 Responses to Fashion Friday: Apollo the Handsome Schnauzer

  1. Looking quite dapper! My two are not a fan of clothing 😉

  2. I love the picture of him in his dad’s shirt!

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