Do Dogs Lose Teeth?

Do dogs lose teeth?

The Case of the Two Missing Front Teeth

Simba and I were playing with his little rope toy and he was having so much fun.  He was tugging this way and that way determined to get the rope away from me.  After I let it go, his daddy saw that his teeth were gone.  His two front teeth!  I didn’t believe him at first.  I totally thought he was pulling my leg because he’s a character and tends to do that a lot.  He showed me that he was far from being the typical jokester.  Oh wow, were we really playing THAT hard!?  It freaked me out for a second. My sister was visiting and she informed me that dogs lose their teeth!  I had no idea.  I sure have a lot to learn huh?

Simba wearing glasses

You sure do have a lot to learn mommy. Let me borrow daddy’s glasses so I can help you read up on me!

Dear Google, Do Dogs Lose Teeth?

Of course I went to my friend Google to find out about dogs loosing their teeth.  I simply typed in “dogs lose teeth” and I found my answer very quickly. I found out that it is nothing to freak out about.  All dogs lose their teeth. Whew! They have baby teeth just like us humans.  I guess Simba is a little more human like than I thought.  According to Bethney Foster from, dogs have two sets of teeth.  They have baby teeth which are also called milk teeth and then they have their adult permanent teeth.  Dogs will have 28 baby teeth when they are between three and six weeks and then between six and seven months they will get their adult teeth.  Simba is six months and he’s going through that process now…right on schedule huh?  Simba will have a total of 42 teeth being a mini schnauzer which I learned from

Do dogs lose teeth?

Say what Google? Dogs do lose their teeth? Ok mommy, you can stop freaking out now! All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. BOL!

Baby Teeth Everywhere!

Simba what’s that in your mouth? He is known for having things that he’s not supposed to have in his mouth.  Usually it’s toys that are not his, socks, or paper.  The last couple of times it has been something different. Teeth!  I now find Simba’s baby teeth that have fallen out in his mouth! According to Bethney Foster from, puppies usually swallow their teeth and they will chew up any and everything since they are going through this teething stage which is quite painful. Poor Simba.  He doesn’t tend to swallow his teeth though.  He will spit them out and I’ll find them in front of him or on the floor.

How to Help a Teething Puppy

The teething stage can be painful for your puppy just like it is painful for a baby.  There are several ways that you can help this stage be less painful and keep your puppy from chewing on everything in sight! One of the ways that I recently came across was a DIY (Do It Yourself) teething bone.  It’s fairly simple to make and I’m sure your puppy will thank you for it with wet nose kisses.  I plan on making it for Simba tonight.  You can find out how to make it by visiting the dog blog Home Bruing.


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Dog Chew Toy

Here’s a throwback picture of me for your viewing pleasure. I was only a few months old. This was my first chew toy! I have lots now and I can’t wait for mommy to use some of these tips to help me with teething.


Do you want to learn more about dogs losing their teeth? You can read the full article by clicking here.  You may also be interested in my article about caring for your dog’s teeth which you can read on Dogbook Daily by clicking  here.

What did you do when your pup lost their teeth? Were you shocked? Any funny stories? How do you help your pet deal with teething? Share!

21 Responses to Do Dogs Lose Teeth?

  1. Mommies kept all my baby teef, wellz the onez she found :) Youz a baby, course youz lose ya teef for ya big chompers to come through..BOL xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Our mom has a special little box where she keeps all of her furkids baby teeth – she has for our cat sisters, our older cat brother and dog brother who have both passed on and of course ours!
    Wally & Sammy

  3. Aww. All you want for Pigmass is some new front toofies!

    Mummy didn’t know about dogs losing teeth. All the doggies she knows have been rescues who were all at least a year old so she never found out. I guess you learn a new thing every day!

    Hope Simba’s mouth is better soon and he isn’t too much trouble while he is teething!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  4. Yep it can be shocking at first when you find blood on your dogs’ favorite toy. I was able to keep a tooth from each of our dogs (cleaned up of course) except Sydney.

    Blue is our last and he now has all of his grown up teeth, they’re gorgeous.


  5. Emma says:

    Mom has heard them falling out on the hard floor sometimes – she said it was pretty funny!

  6. Some dogs have more adult teeth than others, depending on breed. If you aren’t already brushing simbas teeth, you should consider brushing now to get him used to it. I try my best to do Yuki”s and Rocket’s everyday, tartar can have serious health effects on them and sure-you could take them for a dental cleaning, but that costs money and unesscessary anesthesia, and the best thing is their teeth will remain white! I have lots of toys with blood all over them because of the teething phase. I’d see them chewing something, and I would see what it was and it was their teeth. Naturally I would take it away, so I have most of both of their baby teeth still stored away, i know crazy dog lady, lol.

    • admin says:

      I will definitely start brushing Simba’s teeth soon. Right now I have just been buying dental sticks and things like that for him to chew on. LOL I didn’t keep any of Simba’s teeth…my bf asked me if I wanted to but I looked at him with the side eye O_o err..that doesn’t make you crazy though…nope not at all LOL :)

  7. Holly says:

    Thanks for linking up to my DIY post! :) I hope Simba enjoys his teething bone. I wasn’t sure Bru would actually use his, but I checked it after he lost another tooth, and it was bloody! Someone had been teething on it! Poor fella. He’s 5 months and seems to have eaten most of his baby teeth. My boyfriend had Bru’s tooth come out while playing rough with him and showed it to me in his hand. That was the first one we noticed. As for the others, I’ve noticed some weird noise coming from Bru’s mouth which always means he has something in his mouth that he shouldn’t. But rather than paper or rocks or god-knows-what.. this time, it was a tooth!

    Suggestion for the teething bone–make two! I ripped a dish towel in half (okay, boyfriend did it.. I’m not strong enough for that) to make it smaller, but it worked out well! Wet them both and freeze them. Give pup one. When one’s all thawed out, wet it and put it back in the freezer and take out the 2nd one that’s already frozen! Just keep swapping. :)

    • admin says:

      You’re very welcome! The teeth in their mouth does make a weird noise huh? LOL. At first he acted like he didn’t want to touch the teething bone LOL but he got used to it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Misaki says:

    Mummy and daddy only found one of my baby teeth. They all fell out pretty quickly and the big ones grew in straight away. Hope Simba’s not in too much pain xx

  9. Our Lady said she got both of us after our baby teeth were gone and her dogs before us, she never really noticed when they left.

    Hope you don’t chew up everything while teething!

    Hailey and Zaphod

  10. Mumsy knew about puppies losing their teeth. She has never found any baby teeth though because we have had very few sweeties that had not already lost their puppy teeth when they came to us. The two or three we have had over the years never seemed to be in any pain from losing and cutting teeth. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. Shrads says:

    Ahh the teething stage…time to say good-bye to those razor-sharp tiny set of blades and welcome the new blunt but extremely strong ones.

    I remember Pluto’s teething… His teeth were falling like rain…but the stage was short-lived and his new sets have been in place for almost 6-7 months now… 😀

    BTW, I agree with “Yuki and Rocket’s” mom about brushing. I brush Pluto’s at least twice a week… His teeth has been so healthy that his vet keeps commenting on how bright and sparkly they are. (I remember one’s she actually called a friend of hers to come and see)

    Healthy teeth = Healthy Puppy. :)

    lov and paw-shakes
    Mumma n Pluto

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