3MillionDogs.com Monthly Wrap-Up: March & April Blog Posts

3MillionDogs.com blog posts by Kia Tinsley

I write for Dogbook which now has a dog blog called 3MillionDogs.com where you can read blog posts about dog news, funny dogs, cute dogs, dog tips, inspirational dogs, and rescue dogs!  You can view all of my posts from February of 2013 until now by clicking here.

Hi guys!  I’m a little behind in my monthly wrap-ups and everything else due to just getting married earlier this month, but more about that in a later post!  In March, for the dog blog 3MillionDogs.com, I wrote the blog posts “My Dog is Acting Weird After a Vet Visit! Why?” and “The Top 4 Things My Dog Does to Make Me Smile“.

Simba was acting a tad bit weird after going to the vet a while back and I talk about that and what you can expect when going to the Vet.  Simba makes me smile all the time!  I talk about the top 4 things he does that keeps a smile on my face.

In April, I wrote the posts “Precious Moments: Kids and Dogs” and “5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Day“.  In the first post, I talk about how special it is for a kid and dog grow up together and also to witness it.  In the second post I talk about 5 ways that you can include your dog in your wedding day.  Simba was in our wedding and he did an amazing job! Photos coming real soon!

3milliondogs.com Kia Tinsley


I hope you enjoy the posts and look forward to reading more!  Feel free to comment on the posts and share with your friends.


Do you like the posts above?  What kind of topics would you like for me to write about?

4 Responses to 3MillionDogs.com Monthly Wrap-Up: March & April Blog Posts

  1. Emma says:

    Funny, we were just thinking recently that we hadn’t seen many posts from you and then this was in our in box :)

  2. Val Silver says:

    Congrats on your marriage – was Simba in the wedding? Now I’m off to read about dog smiles – one of my favorite things :)

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